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Ragin Cajun
BBQ Hook

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We have a fantastic design for the great American pasttime: 

This utensil is incredible and so simple 
you'll wonder why you didn't think of it!

Are you tired of sticking a fork 
in your steak or chicken only to get it stuck

and drop your food on the ground?

Tired of tongs that can't pinch anything?

Then the Ragin Cajun BBQ Hook is for You!!!

It has a wooden handle with steel rod 
curved at one end
with an extremely sharp point.

You simply insert the hook end,
flip your steak or chicken or whatever
and simply twist your wrist 
to release the food on the grill.


We love it so much we use on the stove inside too!!
These tools are handmade for lasting quality.

Just Try It!!!

Only $20.00 plus SHIPPING!!!!

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